bbm for android

BBM for Android

"BBM for Android is the latest on instant messaging apps. Download BBM for Android on your Smartphone in few seconds"


BBM for Android  is revolutionizing the world of instant messaging. After a month of delay, Blackberry officially announced that BBM is now available for Android. And the reception from users has been very successful with over 2 million downloads in just 24 hours.

BBM for Android has been developed to meet the demands of thousands of users of Android devices. And that time has finally arrived! The possibility of having BBM installed on your Smartphone is a reality and you can download BBM for Android from the official store of Google Play totally free.

Download BBM for Android

BBM for Android joins the world of instant messaging with a very competitive market among existing apps also developed for Android, such as Line, WeChat, Viber or the monstrous app called WhatsApp with over 300 million users. Even some scholars note that BBM could be the strongest opponent to unseat WhatsApp. If you want to install apps for PC you can see this article "how to download Bluestacks 2" in your computer from the link above.

To download BBM for Android on your Smartphone just have to go to the official website of Google Play, search BBM for Android and click on "Install" button. In a few seconds you can have the app installed on your device.

If you do not have a BlackBerry ID, you must create it. You just have to fill in the details they ask for and wait for being activated for service. Once activated you will receive your PIN BBM. Now you can start to use BBM for Android on your Smartphone.

As you can see download BBM for Android is very easy and quick. The only requirement is to have an Android device with Android OS 4.0 or later.


Download BBM for Android and know BBM strenghts

Given variability of existing applications, any of them should highlight its strengths against its competition to get to convince future users. Well, like any app, BBM for Android is lacking but there are also solid reasons to use this application that until now only it was for BlackBerry users. Download BBM for Android and you will get:

· A perfect performance: BBM works perfectly. It is agile, no crashes, no load times.

· Extremely safe: BBM is a very secure platform and no one can read your conversations like other instant messaging apps.

· Avoid spam, just talk to whoever you want: Other instant messaging apps as Line or WeChat works with the phone number, so it is very easy to locate you and receive spam. BBM works with a PIN, so you only talk with people who has your PIN and you has accepted his/her invitation.

Features BBM for Android

Find out all the features of BBM for Android offers all users. Features such as send free text messages, photos, make free video calls and the last feature of BlackBerry Messenger: BBM Voice.

As other instant messaging apps, BBM is very easy to use and communicate with your friends and family. BlackBerry Messenger has 5 sections:

· General info:  In this section you will see all active chats, the number of contacts you have, updates from your contacts and invites received or sent.

· Chats:  In this section you will see all active chats. If you enter one of the active chats, you can send free text messages, photos, audio files and emoticons.

· Contacts:  In this section you will see all your BlackBerry Messenger contacts that you have.

· Groups:  In this section you will see all active groups that you have on BBM.

· Settings:  There are several functions on "Settings" section. Help, invite anyone to join to BBM, create a new group, join a group by scanning a QR code or configure some app functions such as showing or hiding your country, modify the design of contacts, etc.

Icons BBM for Android

Many times we do not know if the message has been received or not. With BBM for Android you will know when the post has been sent, delivered and read thanks to the icons that appear next to the message.

Some of BBM for Android icons and their meanings are:

BBM tick icon   Tick icon means the message has been sent          

BBM d icon   "D" icon means the post has been delivered          

BBM r icon   "R" icon means the message has been read          

BBM sending icon   It means the message is being sent         

BBM point icon   This BBM icon means unread message          

BBM clock icon   Means the post has not been sent yet. Make sure the device is connected to internet          

BBM cross icon   This BBM icon means the message could not be sent